Michael Hyatt, the author of Platform - Get Noticed In A Noisy World, recently recorded three podcasts for people who are married to an entrepreneur.  I was particularly interested in this topic because I frequently meet with couples who struggle with the tension between the perceived stability of employment versus self-employment. The first two podcasts were great!  I have not yet listened to the third, but I trust that it is also a great listen!

The first podcast is about what you need to do if you are married to an entrepreneur:

The second is about what you need to do if you are the entrepreneur:

In the third Hyatt and his wife Gail take questions from listeners:

Speaking of entrepreneurs, I will be offering a talk on November 19 to the Middlebury Vermont chapter of the Women Business Owner's Network about Finding Calm Amid The Chaos - How To Be Happy And Stress Free Despite Massive Change!  More here:

Client testimonial:  "We have in many ways surpassed my goals.  I always feel that Connie is working very hard to support me!"

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