Go Forward Fearlessly! (Book Excerpt)

An excerpt from my forthcoming book Go Forward Fearlessly! A Spiritual Road Map On How To Be Happy, Stress-Free, And Confident Despite Massive Change

Daily self-care practices
Diligently practicing good self-care greatly reduces stress.  It helps people to be best equipped to handle the ups and downs of daily life as well as major change and transition. I have used the daily practices listed below in my own life for many years. This routine has helped me to keep my emotional equilibrium even during times of great uncertainty. In addition, my clients have benefitted greatly from these ideas as they navigated major shifts in their own lives.

Two lists appear below. The first includes daily practices that I highly recommend. There is probably nothing here you haven’t already heard about. Still, regularly practicing them will make life so much easier.  Turbulence decreases and overall well-being expands. The second list includes activities I recommend to people, like me, who are very sensitive. These habits enable me to keep an open heart because I am practicing good self-care. Pick and embrace those ideas that inspire you.

 The basic list
I share the habits here that work well for me, my clients, my students, and my readers. Don’t be overwhelmed! Take one small step at a time. This will get you moving in the right direction.
1. Eat healthy food. This means eating organic food when possible, lots of fruits and vegetables, and a pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin. Organic food is widely available from health food stores as well as membership community farms.
2. Drink lots of water. Especially during times of concentration, it’s important to drink plenty of water. The harder our brains work, the more quickly we become dehydrated. Drinking water all day long will help you to think more clearly and feel more energetic. And, we know that a fully-hydrated body creates supple skin.
3. Get enough sleep. When I ask my workshop attendees if they are getting enough sleep on a regular basis, only a few hands go up. Adequate sleep is required for good health and emotional well-being. You simply can’t function at your best without enough sleep. In addition, lack of sleep leads to higher levels of stress as your mind and body strive to compensate.
4. Get exercise. This could be walking, working out at the gym, stretching with yoga, or anything that increases your energy and heart rate. Exercise is a great way to feel good, maintain a healthy body weight, and reduce stress.
5. Engage in a spiritual practice. This could be meditation, being in nature, practicing yoga, or anything that’s meaningful to you. Once in the morning and once in the evening “book-ends” your schedule so you can be centered and grounded throughout the day.
6. Get outside daily. Spending time outside in nature and getting fresh air is so important to mental health and a positive outlook. Notice how much better you feel after spending time outdoors.
7. Write in a journal. It’s a good idea to get your thoughts down on paper at the end or beginning of the day. In the beginning of the day, journaling can be used as a way to set intentions for the day ahead. In the evening, it can be used as a way to give thanks for all the good things that happened that day.
8. Get and give hugs. Connect physically to loved ones and friends. This act alone can provide instant feelings of love and affection, both important for mental and physical health.
9. Share a meal with family or friends. This is a great way to connect with others during the day, a beneficial ritual whose benefits are numerous.
10. Use essential oils. Pure essential oils can be used daily to rejuvenate, calm, and provide emotional and physical support.   You can use lavender or grapefruit essential oil on a cotton ball under your pillow at night or in a vaporizer to ease your mind and body into sleep at the end of a busy day.

Client testimonial:   "Connie helped identify for me the practical steps I needed to take as I considered starting a small business.  With no business background, this understandable framework was just what I needed to create a successful new business!"


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