Stress Free In 30 Days? Is It Really Possible?

Stress free in 30 days?  Is that possible?  I have road-tested the ideas in this book in my own life over the last month, and find the ideas extremely helpful, simple, and practical.  Many were new to me, and I've studied this area for a number of years.  So, whether you are experiencing general stress, anxiety, or depression, I would recommend you pick up this book and give the ideas a try.

The book is really easy to read and I found myself  quickly getting through a lot of the content in a very short period of time.  The layout is easy so the reader can skim through and pick up highlights and get started on moving forward without having to read the entire book.  Each chapter represents one day in the thirty-day plan and is short and to the point.  For instance, Day Two is called Hydrate, Don't Stimulate.  A few short paragraphs describe the action recommended in this area, lists symptoms the reader would be experiencing if they didn't drink enough of the right kinds of fluids, and ends with a list of quick tips, Foundations For Stress-Free Living.  Some chapters list resources to support the individual who is looking for more information on that chapter's topic. 

Linden says that many people in today's world experience anxiety on a regular basis.  He recommends a four-pronged approach to supporting individuals who have this condition:  structure, reassurance, knowledge, and support.  Much of the book provides different tools to support this framework.  There is a whole chapter about anxiety with many tips, ideas, and recommendations. 

The author comes from a place of integrity:  He used these tools to pull himself out of anxiety and other emotional issues a number of years ago.  The Linden Method, as outlined in this book, was created within this context. 

Client testimonial:  "My reading felt right on, correct!"
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