Great Tools For Transitions!

Many of my clients and students are navigating transitions and are looking for tools to make that transition a little less turbulent.  Since I have so much experience getting through transitions successfully in my own life, I am often a resource for these individuals.  They want to know "how did I do it?"

In response I came up with a tool based on my personal experience called Your Blueprint For Personal and Professional Transitions.  It's tailored to each individual and helps them to remember how they've successfully landed safely through past changes in their lives. 

Combined with good self-care, this unique blueprint is the key to helping people feel more calm and confident amid the chaos.  They look at their current life change and apply this tool, and, as a result, land on their feet safely and successfully on the other side of massive change.

(Excerpted from Cornelia's book - 2014 publication date)

Take Action:

A good place to start is getting into gear with good self-care.  Getting enough sleep, for example, has a huge impact on how well you feel during the day, your ability to deal with stress, and your capacity to conquer the unexpected.  For a comprehensive list, contact me at

Think back to a past transition that you navigated successfully.  What approaches did you use to make that happen?  What was your self-talk, what organizational tools did you use, what kind of support system did you have in place at the time?  This is the start of building your personal blueprint.  These approaches, coupled with good self-care, will give you confidence to move forward through whatever transition you're currently experiencing. 

Client testimonial:  "Gave practical, concrete ideas to help with my challenge."

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