Hiring The Heavens! By Jean Slatter Book And Beach Group

I love the on-going community feel to the book groups I've led since early this year.  I have scheduled another based on the book Hiring The Heavens - totally magical!   At the moment, I have just one date scheduled since this is such a short book. That date is Sunday, 5/19 1 - 3 p.m. at my home in Burlington. The fee is $15.

I actually have a PDF of the first three chapters that is available if you'd email me:  corneliaward at   Enjoy!    So, if you decide that you want to come on May 19, the first three chapters will give you enough of a flavor to join in the discussion. Please read the PDF - or the whole book! - before you come. And bring stories of your magical occurrences on the 19th!

And the description of the book group is here:
We can gather at my home at 95 Cumberland Road in Burlington and stroll down to the private beach if the weather is good. Bring a towel, etc.! As wise woman Trish Senzel says, being near the water helps our subconscious to absorb the information more easily so we can put it to use right away!

Bring a friend!
Peace and blessings!
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