Poetry: An Act of Self-Care

How often do you read poetry?  I'm lucky enough to have a son who writes poetry and I read one of his poems before going to bed at night.  I find that this ritual calms my mind and engages my imagination in a way that easily casts out the concerns of the day.  See one of Nick's poems at the bottom of this post.

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And the poem:

By Nick Spengler
I find my light
in the mirror of your eyes;
the moon an amber icicle
peering over northern hills,
it spies us across the bay:
on black waves.
Flames fan their prayers
over your brown shoulders,
waste themselves
     too quickly
under the clean cold light
of stars that vanished
before any of us existed.
Stars guide by a
     dying magic,
their fumes our compass:
it is summer, Orion
is high in the south.
Can't you see him
cartwheeling the heavens
with his lion and cudgel?
Or is it he who keeps still
while we
     turn away?
You leave my side so gently
I mistake afterglow
for presence.
Copyright 2013                 Cornelia Ward                 All Rights Reserved