You know those kind of "blah" days when you get up in the morning, and you just don't know how you're going to get through the day?  Well, I had one of those kinds of days myself this morning.

The day got started when my two dogs greeted me happily and I discovered that they'd forgotten that they were housebroken, meaning that I had some cleaning up to do before we even went outside.  Not that they needed to go out anymore!

So I was just a little cranky!

Have you ever listened to Hay House Radio?  If not, go check them out at  The Body By Jake guy, Jake Steinfeld, has a show at Hay House Radio and I tuned in this morning to find his show broadcasting over the internet.  What a positive guy!  He cheered me up in no time, mostly by acknowledging how we all face daily challenges.  I felt like he'd been looking over my shoulder this morning as I ushered my dogs outside.  I immediately felt better.

Take Action:

What do you do to take back control of your day when things get off to a bad start?  Please share them here!

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