How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind So You Can ....

PLEASE NOTE:   THIS GATHERING HAS BEEN POSTPONED:  for more information: or (US 802-864-2978)

At next Thursday's free community gathering we'll be talking about how to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can overcome blocks that are keeping you from doing the work you love.  If that sounds of interest, here is information about that:
  • Thursday, June 16, 6 - 8:30 pm, 95 Cumberland Road, Burlington, Vermont   (email me for directions)
  • Free
  • If you need more information, please contact me at   or    802-864-2978
  • Feel free to bring:
  • A friend or colleague who could use some support in their career or business right now
  • An item for the local food shelf to donate
  • If you have a business, make sure to bring information about your services or products.  You'll have a chance to share information about what you do as part of the gathering.  People have walked away with new clients and customers as a result!
  • During this free gathering, we'll be talking about:
    • exercises that you can use daily to engage your subconscious mind and work with your imagination to remove blocks
    • how to free yourself from unwanted patterns and behaviors for good
    • and more
  • Event links:

Upcoming gatherings (all at 6 pm):

  • June 23:  How to honor your sensitivity, move forward in your career, and make the world a better place so you can find fulfillment sharing your gifts
  • June 30:  How to leverage the power of Facebook groups so you can help more people in your business

If you missed the recent Meet Up on how to Facebook events can help you expand your reach in business, you can find it here on my free podcast:  There are several ideas on this website on topic related to career and business.  If you find this information helpful, please consider writing a review in Itunes.


If you are:
  • confused about your career path
  • interested in starting your own business
  • focused on your life purpose through your business but frustrated that you're not earning the income you'd like to earn
please contact me to schedule a complimentary Life Purpose Strategy Session. People walk away from these sessions feeling so much more hope about the future and with concrete and creative ideas they can implement immediately. These sessions can happen in person or via phone or Skype. OR 802-864-2978

Author Cornelia Ward is a career and business mentor who helps people love Mondays! 

What does that mean?  Well, 80% of Americans wake up each morning dragging themselves to a job that’s just not working for them.  She thinks this is completely crazy!

Cornelia works with people to create a career transition plan - whether it's starting their own business or finding a new career path that really lights them up - so that they're really excited every Monday morning to get back to work!  This includes people who are self-employed and want to move deeper into the work they are meant to do or who are confident they are fulfilling their life purpose now but want to reach more people.

Her website is where you can request a Complimentary Life Purpose Strategy Session with Cornelia and download a free copy of her book Go Forward Fearlessly! – perfect for anyone navigating major life transitions!

At these Complimentary Life Purpose Strategy Sessions, people walk away with so much more hope about the future and with concrete and creative ideas that they can implement immediately in their lives.

She has a free audio podcast, Go For Your Life Purpose, available on Itunes, Stitcher and at her website

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