Go Forward Fearlessly!



When you decide to go for your life purpose, fear is bound to come up.

Here are 5 effective actions you can take when that happens:

  • Turn the issue over to the Universe or God or whatever you believe in. This acknowledges that you're in partnership with something bigger than yourself and takes it off your shoulders.
  • Use a Neuro Linguistic Programming technique by picturing the word FEAR in your mind's eye and see it spinning away from you and eventually disappearing.
  • Practice the Emotional Freedom Technique - or tapping. More information about that here:
  • Play!  Engage with your pets or make a date to connect with a supportive friend to go do something fun.
  • Meditate. Start small - 5 minutes a day, for instance. Eventually work up to 20 minutes a day or twice a day.

Take action!

  • Pick one of the ideas above or your own and implement it regularly. Notice what works and then keep doing it! Action is key!

Passion And Purpose: 6 Steps To Create A Career You Love!

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Free Life Purpose Workshops and Book Signings:

  • Waterbury, Vermont:
    • Saturday March 29
    • 10:00 a.m. to Noon
    • Jungian Center For Spiritual Sciences
    • RSVP:  Sue 802-244-7909
  • Essex Junction, Vermont:
    • Tuesday, April 15
    • 7 - 9 p.m.
    • Louise Dietzel's Office
    • 6 Hillcrest Road
    • No RSVP needed
  • Burlington, Vermont
    • Wednesday, April 30
    • 7 - 9 p.m.
    • Spirit Dancer Books and Gifts
    • 125 S. Winooski Avenue
    • No RSVP needed

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