How To Create A Steady Stream Of New Clients .....

This Thursday's Passion And Purpose on-line community gathering will be about How To Enroll A Steady Stream Of New Clients So You Can Share Your Gifts With The World.

Here are the details:

Thursday, August 11
6 - 7:30 pm  EST   (5 pm CST and 3 pm PST)

To register please join the Passion And Purpose Create A Career You Love private Facebook community:    The event will be broadcast right from that page on Thursday.

During this free online community gathering we'll be talking about:
  • how be grounded in the work you are meant to do sets a strong foundation for a successful business
  • how rituals that you practice in your personal life are the key to thriving in your business
  • what steps to take to be of service, make the world a better place, have great life/work balance, and love Mondays
  • and more


Contact me at  or   802-864-2978  (US)

Author Cornelia Ward is a career and business mentor who helps people love Mondays! 

What does that mean?  Well, 80% of Americans wake up each morning dragging themselves to a job that’s just not working for them.  She thinks this is completely crazy!

Cornelia works with people to create a career transition plan - whether it's starting their own business or finding a new career path that really lights them up - so that they're really excited every Monday morning to get back to work!  This includes people who are self-employed and want to move deeper into the work they are meant to do or who are confident they are fulfilling their life purpose now but want to reach more people.

Her website is where you can request a Complimentary Life Purpose Strategy Session with Cornelia and download a free copy of her book Go Forward Fearlessly! – perfect for anyone navigating major life transitions!

At these Complimentary Life Purpose Strategy Sessions, people walk away with so much more hope about the future and with concrete and creative ideas that they can implement immediately in their lives.

She has a free audio podcast, Go For Your Life Purpose, available on Itunes, Stitcher and at her website

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