How Jungian Archetypes Can Help You Find A Career You Love

At this Monday's free community gathering, we'll be talking about how to use Jungian archetypes to find a career or business that feels fulfilling.  If that sounds of interest, here is information about that:

  • Thursday, April 7, 6 - 8:30 pm, 95 Cumberland Road, Burlington, Vermont   (email me for directions)
  • Free
  • If you need more information, please contact me at   or    802-864-2978
  • Feel free to bring:
    • A friend or colleague who could use some support in their career or business right now
    • An item for the local food shelf to donate
    • If you have a business, make sure to bring information about your services or products.  You'll have a chance to share information about what you do as part of the gathering.  People have walked away with new clients and customers as a result!
  • During this free gathering, we'll be talking about:
    • What Jungian archetypes are
    • How Jungian archetypes can help you to live more joyfully in your personal and professional life
    • How to identify your archetypes
    • And more
  • Facebook and Meetup event links:

Upcoming gatherings (all at 6 pm):

April 14:  How To Attract Affluent Clients So You Don't Have To Work So Hard And Have Great 
                Work/Life Balance
April 21:  How To Move From A Job Into A New Business So You Can Land Squarely On Your Feet
                - Financially And Otherwise
April 28:  How To Create A Career You Love And Find A Job Or Business That Really Lights You

If you missed last week's gathering about how to bring in a steady flow of new clients so your business can really thrive, following is  a summary:

  • Be specific about the problem you solve for your clients, for example "I'm a healer who helps people suffering from chronic pain."
  • Be specific about the solution you provide for your clients, for example "I help people to create optimum health so they can re-claim the life they love."
  • Create an elevator speech (what you tell someone about your business in 30 seconds or less) that includes the specific problem your clients have and the solution you provide and practice this regularly so that it's automatic and rolls right off your tongue.  This will enable you to easily remember what words to use when you run into people who want to know more about what you do.

If you are:
  • confused about your career path
  • interested in starting your own business
  • focused on your life purpose through your business but frustrated that you're not earning the income you'd like to earn
please contact me to schedule a complimentary Life Purpose Strategy Session. People walk away from these sessions feeling so much more hope about the future and with concrete and creative ideas they can implement immediately. Sometimes this is all people need. Others feel they need more support and we talk about whether my programs are a good fit or if working with someone else might be most helpful. These sessions can happen in person or via phone or Skype. OR 802-864-2978

The Burlington Body, Mind, Spirit Expo - One Heart / Conscious Living is coming up this spring:

May 14, 2016, 10 am - 5 pm
Hilton Hotel, Burlington, 60 Battery Street
Come by and say hello at my booth - get a complimentary Grace Card and sign up for a complimentary Life Purpose Strategy Session!  I'll also be speaking about how to create a thriving business, make the world a better place, and do the work you love
Lots of great complimentary opportunities, vendors, and workshops

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