Happiness: How Jungian Archetypes Support Us

More lovely snow falls outside my office window as I write this post.  Happy spring to you!


Jungian Archetypes:

In my workshops and client meetings, I often recommend that my students and clients check out the list of Jungian archetypes on Caroline Myss' web-site.  The link to it is here:  Each of us, according to Myss, has 10 - 12 archetypes that are part of our identity throughout life.  It's my belief that, in order to be happy in all areas of one's life, one must express each of their archetypes in some aspect of their lives.  In fact, I find that, when this doesn't happen, mental and physical illness can be present.  Quickly go through each title first and note those that resonate most for you.  Then, go back and read each description and narrow your list down to around 10 - 12.  Which archetypes are calling to come out to play in some aspect of your life?

A healing resource for you:

Esther Palmer, Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, is offering aromatherapy treatments including Raindrop Technique and Neuro-Auricular technique.  Raindrop Technique:  Series of 8 essential oils placed on spine points of feet and back  to support structural alignment, increase relaxation, detoxification and support immune function, originally developed for use with scoliosis by Gary Young, ND.
 Neuro-Auricular Technique:  Series of 6 essential oils placed on base of skull, upper thoracic and cervical spine to support brain function, emotional release, optimal health, originally developed for use with Parkinson’s by Gary Young, ND.
For more information about Esther and/or these techniques, visit or call Esther with questions or to schedule an appointment at 878-1588 or 238-5719.
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